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The Panyu Xiangjiang Hotel (Panyu Xiangjiang Dajiudian) is located near the joint of Yingbin Road, Huanan Expressway and Xinguang Expressway, within easy reach of major tourist attractions like Xiangjiang Safari, Changlong Amusement Park, Changlong Circus and Guangzhou Crocodile Park. From this Guangzhou hotel, Pazhou International Convention Center is a ten minute cab ride away.

Each room is guaranteed with free internet access.

Chefs in several dining outlets cook up international fare and Cantonese cuisine in modern style.
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住客评论 570条评论     4.0分/5分 更多
  • amyyoucn
    It's OK.
  • fanliu0701
    Also, great location!
  • alexsofia
    Pretty good.
  • E03527206
    Nice, although it is an old hotel, but health was very clean the staff enthusiastic, patient introduction to longest long vehicles, also surrounded by food, major Park tickets can be purchased at the front desk.
  • daniel1983112
    Bespectacled little girl at the front desk was nice-very patient and helped me to solve the problem, but that guy with glasses is not so good temper ... A bit reluctant to answer the question ...
  • Eason8023
    Really think that's worth the price
  • captain1120
    Too old
  • mgldx
    Is a very old hotel and room facilities are old, but very good location, few special trains a day-long Metro and train station, this is relatively easy, within the hotel and eat dim sum places, tastes better. key is more convenient.
  • siroll
    Environment is also good, convenient downstairs to eat. the service is also very good!
  • jlvip
    Hotel is new, very clean
  • GUOYANG1978
    Convenient hotel services, the price is right, the hotel is especially convenient, is very convenient for shopping for dinner, the most important advantage is the price comparison, next time, also pushed friends over!
  • irislalala
    Good location, about 10 km distance south railway station, take a taxi 20 minutes, go out soon on airport highway. around to eat very rich, cold fish, Yulin, String, walked three ears hot pot can be reached. hotel room clean, LCD televisions, computer, air conditioning, safety deposit box, is an old hotel, good service.
  • cjx9292
    Opposite the hotel is the urban village, condition is not good, but eat snacks very convenient, hotel old!
  • afang1130
    Family rooms have 2 beds, OK
  • aney Xiao
    And almost seven days but more expensive
  • greedyboy
    Well, here every time you come to Guangzhou, very convenient ... next time will come again.
  • bennybear
  • angela-614
    In addition is a little old, good, restaurant El to do good, Chinese food is good, send coupons, deal!
  • e00078481
    That's no problem
  • pansie
    Environment, traffic, close to the chime-long
    Good, hotel location in big junction, away from Park also is somewhat distance of, but taxi, bus also compared convenient, has 304 road bus direct Wildlife Park, back on no direct bus has. hotel has shuttle Shuttle, first a class 10 points, somewhat late. hotel around eat of place less, opposite of snack bar eat a breakfast also can. Hotel II floor of tea restaurant night Chinese served good slow, small your, but weight and taste are good. hotel not provides free mineral water. other partySide okay. well-paid hotels, plus tickets are convenient, a good deal. overall, quite pleased with.
  • e00124374
    Hotel is OK, around, eat less, buy too much of too many things ... ... Transportation, in addition to fine
  • dieinblue
    Hotel is easily portable on a bus at the entrance to the subway station, and overall good, but feel bed odor
  • funglam
    The first impression was good, family or row is meant to play live here
  • jdwlovesw
    Facilities are old and full of musty, the price felt expensive
  • forrestaben
    Environment also can, is away from long long somewhat far, but hotel has free bus can sat, health also can, facilities also can, has is special good of is we to room zhiqian, air conditioning has open has, is cool. room facilities are is old, but location is good, daily has several trip car to long long Metro station and train South Station, this also compared convenient, hotel internal also has eat tea of place, taste also good.
  • dudan1616
    That's good
  • liujiagugu
    Good in every way, stay two nights. shuttle to attractions are on time. today also enjoy a shuttle to the Zoo facilities. morning feeling pretty good downstairs, is expensive. three more junior primary school has had more than 200.
  • alexmui
    Chimelong Park not far from the hotel in the morning and in the evening there is a free coach to the chimelong Park and ride bus very convenient hotel to various attractions in the Park restaurant was good
  • fancy1104
    Hotel is a bit old bathroom shower not down at 10 o'clock in the morning, the free bus to the Park by taxi to the Park about 30 taxis are not metered breakfast on the first floor? Dinner, hotel guests can save 90 percent
  • joe-Tang
    All areas of hotel is good.
  • ansonbao
    This wine this hotel location away from long long not is is near, except bathroom more old, other are can,. double balcony, basic without open air conditioning, is cool. enough big, price is high of, containing two tickets. in restaurant consumption 100, and sent 20. but also not far, and has shuttle to long long, morning 10 points starting, afternoon back can at any time call contact hotel to long long pickup.
  • piratepenguin
    It's OK
  • Roger-meng
    Hotel room good health is also very good, recommended
  • MR.nian
    Room smell different, and hotel, drama ... ... Taste is especially great. Not recommended accommodation
  • lilyfaner1983
    Transport is not convenient, very old hotel, other General
  • guaiguaixiaocao
    Acceptable range
  • liuyuyan57
    Shuttle bus directly to the long, lovely hotel, when he boarded a shuttle to changlong station. the price satisfied!
  • e01984975
    Decoration is a bit old
  • e03047574
    Well, go to long play is very convenient.
  • cricetid
    Booked tickets for the Zoo room, arrival saying on new year's day Zoo tickets prices, plus 50, very uncomfortable! hotel front desk was very nice, the facility is too old, will never again live
  • jiananminami
    The price of the hotel is good ... Although not very far from the area, a taxi is very tanned, after reading the circus came back 50 buy. to view area has Shuttle, but forgot to ask where to pick up.
  • sexboy2009
    Pretty good, service was very good, the rooms are nice, breakfast super good.
  • patriciajoe
    Facilities nearby, is not convenient for transportation, facilities, hotel restaurant mid-range consumer, morning tea and buffet is very popular
  • e03306463
    Hotel is a little old, near the restaurant too much. Is a subway station after no shuttle bus, called to say you want to pay $ 50 to do taxis. 20 blocks away, but taxis in Guangzhou seems not to have a play table, traffic chaos. shuttle a day-long scenic but seemed to only four points. missed call
  • lovesu
    Convenient, clean and
  • pollymin
    Festival during long long hotel has is sky-high, so select has with package of Hong Kong Hotel, absolute offers. Select Hong Kong hotel a maximum of benefits is has shuttle shuttle to long long scenic Metro station. metro station to joy world walk three minutes, to wild Zoo also on walk ten minutes's, Metro station has free Park of bus to all attractions. without worried find not to, with people and indicates brand on can, site also has many service personnel, are is enthusiasm. especially see hasCircus has been very late, you can park free bus to subway station, got out of the car the hotel bus stop there, very easy. as a three-star hotel, although the facility is not very new, is very clean, service is good. high praise! breakfast 381. opposite the hotel there are two restaurants will be cheaper than eating in the hotel restaurant.
  • royloo
    At least I'm not going to choose!
  • boieng
    Breakfast is so-so, and scenic shuttle bus does not cover five circus
  • CoCo0604
    Facility is a little old, but clean, cost-effective, and highly recommended.